so much to share, but i guess i will start with this…

alright, so i somehow made my blog disappear for months and every time i thought i had it fixed, that sneaky blog was one step ahead of me. finally, with the help of bluehost, i got my blog back woohoo! so be prepared to watch me play some catch up here 🙂 wasn’t even sure where to begin so thought i would share some images from our first day in greece this past summer. my first cousin is a nun at a monastery, so we typically end up seeing her the first few days in greece. it’s always so wonderful and this time, she was able to meet vasili. couldn’t have asked for a better start to our trip <3
2017-01-30_0007.jpgthe interior of this simple chapel was beyond beautiful. meanwhile, this uppababy stroller was the best thing we could have purchased for our everyday lives and for our trip! lightweight, easy to travel with, easy to maneuver on changing terrains, and kept our little guy cool and dry during our trip, which was in the middle of a heat wave! it was also super comfortable for him, not that he could tell me, but he would fall asleep super easy and seriously ask to get in here! worth.every.penny.2017-01-30_0006.jpg
2017-01-30_0016.jpg2017-01-30_0001.jpg2017-01-30_0008.jpg2017-01-30_0004.jpgvasili helping with some of the sewing 😉2017-01-30_0003.jpgsome peekaboo is always welcome…so are some gymnastics2017-01-30_0012.jpg2017-01-30_0015.jpgone of the gorgeous mosaics in progress
my traveling buddies
enjoying the view while being fed for the 100th time after being there literally a few hours. i won’t complain though…it was all so delicious.2017-01-30_0014.jpgin our family’s awesome apartment which we called home for a few days while settling into our trip. located in varkiza, greece. get yourselves there if you can! such a beautiful place by the water! 2017-01-30_0013.jpgwearing his cross our cousin gifted him, which he still wears every day.

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